Winter in Rochester, MN, as you may have noticed by now, is pretty darn long. After Christmas is over and the holidays have largely come to a close, the rest of winter can just feel like waiting for the cold weather to be over. This is especially true if you’re stuck dealing with an itchy scalp, dry hair, and a myriad of comical hat-induced hairstyles for the next few months. The hair care professionals at MenSalon, LLC, understand your struggle, but we also have a few easy winter tips for maintaining healthy hair until the thaw finally arrives.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Drinking enough water is vital if you want to cultivate a healthy scalp and healthy hair during the winter months. Your body needs a lot of water to maintain enough moisture for your skin even in the summer months, but in the winter when the air is dry, this is especially important. If you aren’t drinking enough water during the day, you’re practically daring winter to give you a dry scalp. A hydrated scalp is the first step toward healthy hair!


The next thing to master is the art of winter hats. Finding a hat that is both protective from harsh winds and not extremely tight can be a bit of a balancing act. Wearing overly tight hats can cause tension on your scalp and put stress on your hair follicles. Instead, try to find hats that stay on in high winds without attaching to your scalp like a leech. A lot of hair care tips are about striking a balance, and winter hat wear is no exception.


And finally, try to cater your hair care products to your head’s needs. For some hair types, this might mean a gentler shampoo and more conditioner until the air gets more humid. For others, it might be as simple as a little oil on your way out the door. Talk to our hair care professionals at MenSalon, LLC, for suggestions to maximize your healthy hair potential.


Also, talk to our professionals about protective hair styles, and ways to reintroduce moisture into your hair care routine. Spring might be just around the corner (we hope), but that doesn’t mean it’s time to let your hair fend for itself. Rochester, MN, residents interested in maintaining healthy hair in the winter can contact MenSalon, LLC, today at (507) 288-1836 or visit our website here for more information on our services!