When it comes to skin care and spa treatments, there are certain stereotypes that tend to center around facials. Rather than being regarded as an excellent skin care tool that can be in anyone’s care arsenal, facials are treated as a luxury that few can afford.


Beyond being not universally accurate, this stereotype encourages men and women alike to treat facials and spa treatments as special occurrences rather than the basic care essentials they are. MenSalon in Rochester, MN, wants to help men find a skin care routine that best suits their skin, and for some, that means exploring the restorative powers of men’s facials.


Men who live in harsh climates tend to experience more skin related issues that those who live in milder climates. This can lead to itchiness, flaking, general dryness, and more. These issues are often treatable with regular deep skin care, but sometimes going a step further can help front-load your skin care and give you a better starting point for treating your skin. Facials and other spa treatments also come with the added benefit of calming irritation and giving your skin a real chance to bounce back.


Spa treatments don’t have to break the bank, and they shouldn’t be treated like lofty luxuries. In fact, incorporating semi-regular facials into your skin care routine can make a significant difference in the health and comfort of your skin. A normal facial generally includes exfoliation and cleaning, massage, deep moisturizing, and addressing problem areas with expert care. They’re also an easy way to incorporate relaxation into your self-care routine and give you an opportunity to take some time for yourself.


Facials can be a powerful addition to your self-care repertoire. How often you elect to schedule a facial depends on a variety of factors including your skin type, whether or not you have persistent skin issues, and what your current skin care routine entails. If you’re someone who struggles with achieving balanced skin in the winter, planning for seasonal facials may be a great way to address those issues proactively.


Keeping your skin healthy and clean contributes to feeling better, looking good, and staying healthy. If you’re interested in exploring spa treatment options for men or would like to schedule a professional facial today, contact MenSalon in Rochester, MN, at (507) 288-1836.