Anyone who has taken an anatomy class has likely heard the phrase “your skin is the largest organ you have.” Though you may think it odd to consider your skin an organ, this classification is completely accurate. And because of the size of this organ, dry or unhealthy skin can impact just about every part of your body. That fact alone should be reason enough to take good care of your skin. The men’s health experts and stylists at MenSalon in Rochester, MN, encourage men to put a little extra effort into keeping their skin healthy, especially in the dry and biting winter weather, and the business is ready to help restore skin damage wherever it may appear.


Skin care should be a priority all over your body, but it’s particularly important when you’re coping with dry skin on your face or scalp. Unlike some of the hardier skin that protects you, face and scalp skin can be extremely delicate and may react especially poorly to change or neglect. This can impact your comfort on a day-to-day basis and can correlate directly to your personal self-esteem as your face and hair is often what people notice first when meeting you.


Unhealthy skin can manifest in a variety of ways, including flaking, peeling, discoloration, and physical discomfort such as itching or oiliness. Flaking and peeling are probably the most noticeable symptoms of dry skin, but itchiness is one of the most irritating symptoms. If you’re really unlucky, you may end up with a combination of these simultaneously. Redness, grayness, or discoloration are subtler, but just as important to address in the world of men’s health. Not only are these visible symptoms frustrating to contend with aesthetically, but they can also be a precursor to some of the more severe side effects of dry skin or poor skin care.


Regardless of what symptoms you’re dealing with, you should address them quickly before they have time to spread or worsen. If you have concerns about your skin care routine, our men’s health experts may have a solution for you. With our excellent men’s facials and skin care product knowledge, you can leave MenSalon feeling and looking healthy. Take care of your most visible organ and contact MenSalon in Rochester, MN, at (507) 288-1836 or by visiting our website.