Waxing is a great personal grooming option that many Rochester, MN, area men miss in the wide arsenal of self-care tools available in the modern world. Along with being quick and efficient, men’s waxing is a great choice for men trying to make it through the brutal winter with their hair and skin intact. MenSalon offers clean and comprehensive waxing options for men looking to keep their routine going through the winter or those interested in battling the winter itch with fresh, modern tactics.


The simplest reason to continue your waxing routine throughout the winter is to ensure you don’t undo all of your previous progress. Though it’s not true that hair “grows back thicker” if you stop waxing, it does feel that way thanks to the thick roots of hair follicles reappearing all at once. The real benefit of consistent waxing is how infrequently you need to worry about regrowth. Since waxing pulls out the entire follicle, you don’t have that thick stubble nearly as often. This is why consistent and uniform waxing keeps your skin feeling smooth and helps maintain a predictable and comfortable look.


If you haven’t considered men’s waxing before, winter is also a great time to consider switching from traditional shaving, especially if you have sensitive skin. Traditional shaving can cause irritation even in humid or skin-friendly weather. Once winter sets in and dry skin becomes a more common problem, it’s even more important to take extra care during your self-care process. Though traditional shaving may be more familiar to you, it can scrape and pull the hair follicles and leave you feeling itchy, patchy, or flaky. Plus, stubble from traditional shaving can catch on heavy winter fibers leading to even more irritation. Men’s waxing eliminates this risk by completely removing the hair bulb and root from the follicle. The process is thorough, professional, and perfectly suited to winter.

Waxing also lets you customize your look exactly how you like it. Even if you’re bundled up to your ears, it’s still important to look and feel your best year-round. After a men’s waxing session at MenSalon you can be sure that you look how you want to look and leave with healthy, cared-for skin. Besides, it’s always recommended to have your waxing sessions done by a professional to prevent damage that home-kits can cause such as tearing, pulling, infection from contamination and uneven results.


If you’re looking to update your winter look or perfect a cold-weather skin care routine, men’s waxing at MenSalon is the perfect place to start. Men in the Rochester, MN, area interested in our men’s waxing options can read more about our services online or contact us at (507) 288-1836 today.