Whether you’re sporting new beard growth or fostering a beard decades in the making, you need to understand how to maintain hair health and harness the power of beard care. At MenSalon, our multitude of beard-care options can help Rochester, MN, area men maximize their beard health and maintain a look that suits their needs and style. From beard trimming to product consultations, we can walk you through a beard-care routine that highlights your style and keeps you comfortable year-round.


Building a beard-care routine includes:

Cleaning and Conditioning

If you pay close attention to the condition of your skin and hair, you can often tell when your beard might need a bit of TLC. Taking care of your beard is not terribly different from taking care of the hair on your head. For both hair types, neglect can lead to discomfort and an unkempt appearance. Keeping your beard clean and applying beard conditioners can help keep your facial hair looking neat as well as prevent irritation.


Brushing and Incorporating Beard Products

Beard products don’t just help with styling and keeping your beard looking tidy; they can also contribute to overall beard health. Brushing your beard, especially if you have quite a bit of length, can prevent tangles and even help keep your beard clean. If you already clean, condition, and brush your beard but still aren’t loving the results, you can also begin to incorporate products such as balms, waxes, and oils. The type of product that suits your needs will depend on your hair type, the style you’re looking for, and of course, personal preference.


Beard Trimming and Regular Trims

It’s easy to write off beard trimming as a core part of your routine, especially if you’re aiming for more length with your beard style, but beard trimming doesn’t just shorten the hair. A good trim can help reduce dryness, tangles, and split ends while simultaneously helping you maintain a certain beard shape. Even for long beards, trimming the ends and keeping a regular appointment is a great way to have professional input on your beard growth. It’s also a good excuse to take a little time just for some personal TLC.


For all-around beard-care tips, products, and beard trimming services, the care experts at MenSalon can help. If you’re a Rochester, MN, area man looking to enhance or create a beard-care routine, call us today at (507) 288-1836 to start making your personalized beard-care plan.