It may not be the case everywhere, but a recent study published in the Huffington Post says beards are more popular than ever, and the trend isn’t about to slow down. A German study group sampled the greater New York area and found 67 percent of men had beards. Why? Over half said their beard was more practical and made them look attractive and confident. Just under half felt their beard made them look more mature. Regardless of the reason, you want your beard to look as good as possible. MenSalon in Rochester, MN, is here to make sure beard trimming doesn’t take up your valuable time. Our experienced stylists will trim your beard to your specifications.

We go beyond a great men’s haircut. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the beard trimming we offer. In fact, you probably won’t be shaving for quite a while once you see how good you look! Whether you have a full or partial beard, a goatee, or just a moustache, our stylists strive for perfection with all facial hair and beard styles.

We realize that not everyone likes a beard on a man. Some may be skeptical at first. If you’ve been doing your own beard trimming, it may not look balanced or exactly artistic. You may be rushed in the morning and your trimming is hurried and inconsistent. You may not be using the proper tools or working in the best light. Let MenSalon in Rochester, MN, take over your beard trimming and then see what others think. Instead of scruffy or unkempt, people will find better adjectives to describe your looks!

While you’re in for your trim, consider our full spa treatment. Why shouldn’t men look and feel their best? Have a professional manicure. If you work in a professional or medical environment, people pay close attention to your hands. Don’t leave any part of your appearance to risk. And while you’re at it, consider a pedicure. It’s not just for appearances; it’s good for your foot health as well. Stop in and experience what men used to enjoy in a full-service salon. You deserve it. Register today to create your personal profile and book appointments online, or give us a call at (507) 288-1836.