Winter is a difficult time for hair care, especially in a cold climate city such as Rochester, MN. Cold temperatures and frigid winds can be murder on exposed skin, and that includes your scalp. No matter how much or how little you care about your hair, a dry, irritated winter scalp can be a thorn in any man’s side. Our men’s grooming specialists  at MenSalon want you and your hair to make it through the winter in the best shape possible.

Hair care is in many ways an extension of scalp care, and winter wind and frigid weather can do a number on your scalp, especially if you tend to keep your hair short. Dryness, itchiness, and scalp irritation are common in the winter thanks to dry weather, cold temps, and the prevalence of heavy caps and hats. This is especially true if you tend to take hot showers to combat the winter chill. As comfortable as hot water can be, it can be damaging for the delicate skin on your head, as well as hands, face, and feet.

Rather than taking freezing showers until spring returns, adding a few simple steps to your daily routine can help restore and maintain the health of your hair. First and foremost, drinking enough water is extremely important during the dry winter months. Follow this up by finding a shampoo and conditioner combination that really works for you. Scalp irritation can sometimes be exacerbated by products and switching brands and formulas frequently can make it difficult to pin down the culprit. Discovering a great daily combo is an excellent starting point. Our men’s grooming specialists help you narrow down your choices and find something that really works. MenSalon carries professional and holistic products to address all men’s grooming needs. We are a retreat for a man’s hair, skin, nails, and feet. Please come in and discuss your grooming needs with any of our welcoming professionals at MenSalon and we will help you get a fix for those winter woes.

Winter scalp and hair care requires a little bit of forethought and upkeep, but it’s much easier to prevent scalp irritation than it is to treat it once it starts. Drinking enough water and utilizing the correct shampoo and conditioner combo are great first steps, but sometimes you may need a little professional intervention to really make it stick.

The professional hair care technicians at MenSalon can help you find the scalp care solution you need this winter. Our hair care team can provide you with tips, products, exfoliation, and beyond. To make an appointment in Rochester, MN, contact us today at (507) 288-1836 or visit our website here for more information.