It’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin, and during the summer months, sporting extra body hair can be a little bit too much to handle. But rather than spending hours painstakingly shaving only to have it grow back in a few days, the waxing professionals with MenSalon here in Rochester, MN, offer myriad services that can assist with all of your summer hair removal needs.


Waxing for men is a process that can be just as harrowing as it is for women, but if done properly, it’s a quick and easy way to ensure smooth skin and breezy looks. But if done improperly, it can be painful or even damaging. For men with sensitive skin, improper waxing can lead to burning, bruising, bleeding, and more. And even if you’ve never had skin issues in the past, trying to wax at home can be messy and expensive at best. Plus, unless you know what you’re doing, you may end up with a lot of patchy, irregular growth.


Our waxing professionals can ensure expert techniques and effective tools to guarantee a successful waxing experience. Rather than dealing with a sticky mess at home or risking ingrown hairs and irritation, consider treating your skin to some expert treatment instead. Our technicians are highly trained and can offer detailed explanations of proper aftercare and skin needs.


Waxing for men can seem laborious on the surface, but the results are more than worth it. Unlike traditional shaving, waxing pulls hair out at the root, which means that it takes longer to regrow and prevents the five o’clock shadow look that a shallow shave encourages. Plus, after each visit, the process gets easier.


Whether you’re interested in waxing for aesthetic purposes, physical comfort, or just to please your partner, the waxing professionals at MenSalon can offer the services you need. Contact us today at (507) 288-1836 for more details on waxing for men. Rochester, MN, area men can call for details or visit our website here.