Winter tends to be a brutal time for skin care, and even our unseasonably warm season this year was no exception. Along with exceptionally sparse snowfall, winter in Rochester, MN brought months of extremely dry air. This wasn’t only bad news for the soil; it was also a tough season for skin of all types. If your skin is still struggling to recover from months of low moisture, MenSalon can help. Our spa services are a great way to hit reset on your skin and prepare for warmer months to come.

Home Skin Care

Home skin care tends to change with the seasons, even unintentionally. It’s common to compensate for dry weather with more moisturizer or less shaving, and the wet seasons are often accompanied by sunscreen and cooler water while washing. Despite most men’s natural inclinations to adapt their routines to the climate, sometimes your skin just struggles to bounce back after a particularly rough season or change.

Trouble may manifest as dry patches, irritation after shaving, breakouts, or redness. In some cases, all of the above. If your regular routine is suddenly producing different results, it can be difficult to narrow down the problem. In these cases, it can be the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some spa time for your skin.

Professional Spa Services

Spa services aren’t a cure-all for skin issues, but our spa technicians at MenSalon can help you soothe irritated skin and suggest some places to start. When it comes to skin, we offer facials, beard treatments, and product support in order to create a relaxing and revitalizing experience for your skin and body. Incorporating occasional spa treatments into your home routine is a great way to supplement irregularities caused by seasonal changes. While spa services might not be an everyday occurrence, they are a great option if your home routine isn’t producing the results you want.

MenSalon provides the necessary and critical skin care support and spa services your skin requires year-round. If you’re looking for some extra skin care from our spa technicians, contact us at (507) 288-1836 or visit our website to find out more about our services. Call us today or book online to start your Rochester, MN skin care