Wet shaving can provide the clean-cut smoothness you desire. Once common years ago, wet shaving is making a comeback as men embrace the authentic style of manually contouring the blade to their face.

More and more Rochester, MN, men are taking up the timeless practice, but not all of them know the nuances of wet shaving. Avoid these common mistakes to make sure your face looks its finest.

1. Lack of preparation – A splash of water to the face prior to wet shaving isn’t going to cut it. You want to make sure your skin is thoroughly clean prior to lathering up. Use a face-specific soap (non-face specific soaps can remove too much-needed oil) and wash your face with warm water for two to three minutes prior to lathering up.
2. Lack of proper lathering – If you opt to go with the common approach of discount shaving dream, you’ll get subpar results. If you use quality-shaving products and lather properly and carefully with a shaving brush, you’ll prepare your skin for the shave it deserves.
3. Too much pressure while shaving – Shaving can be like in art. You don’t want to forcefully apply pressure to your face while shaving for multiple reasons. First, sharp blades, tons of pressure, and your neck aren’t a great combination. Second, pressing down too hard can create an inconsistent and erratic shaving pattern. As a test for how you should shave, tilt your head to one side and set the razor on your cheek. That’s about as much pressure you should apply while shaving.
4. Shaving dry skin – You’ve just finished your shave and realize you’ve missed a spot or two. You decide you don’t need to lather up again and take the blade straight to the area to finish the job. This is an easy way to create, nicks, cuts, and irritated skin. A well-lubricated face is a prerequisite for wet shaving. Make sure you have the proper product over the area you’re about to shave always.
5. Repeating strokes – It makes sense to go over an area multiple times to make for a finished job, right? Repeating strokes over the same area can actually cause harm in the way of razor burn. If you’re new to wet shaving, you’ll want to learn how to shave efficiently to reduce skin irritation.

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