Razor irritation is the enemy of all men who regularly shave their faces, and figuring out the root cause of the irritation can be, at times, a confusing challenge. Is it the weather? The razor? A product you’re using? Or is it just the nature of your skin? Sometimes it even seems like a reasonable answer could be “all of the above.” At MenSalon in Rochester, MN, we provide comprehensive shaving services for men of all hair and skin types, as well as tips and tricks to keep your home shaving comfortable year-round.

Source of Shaving Discomfort

Identifying the source of shaving discomfort seems like it should be an easy problem to solve. Maybe one day you try less product, another day you use cooler water, and yet another day you use a fresh, sharpened razor. For many men, frequently changing routines in order to narrow down the problem can cause multiple types of irritation all at once. Rather than playing whack-a-mole with your facial products, sometimes the best thing you can do for your shaving routine is just simplify.

Necessary Part of Daily Hygiene

Men’s skin care is all about consistency. Rather than throwing everything at your face and seeing what sticks, go back to the absolute basics. Wet your face, shave with the grain, and pat dry. From there, you can evaluate what your skin needs. If your skin is dry after a shave, consider rinsing with colder water before you try a new moisturizer. Whenever you make a change in your skin care routine, give it time before making another.

Shaving Professionals Can Help You Fight the Irritation

If, after a few weeks of going full-on old-fashioned, you’re still struggling to figure out what your skin is missing, MenSalon can provide the assistance you seek. Our shaving professionals can recommend products to try for skin of all types. All of our shaving services are also professional and focused on comfort, so you can get a sense of how to recreate some of the techniques at home.

Regardless of where you are in your face shaving journey, it’s never a bad time to evaluate your skin care routine. Rochester, MN area men interested in professional shaving services or in-depth tips and tricks can contact MenSalon today at (507) 288-1836. If you’re ready to make your appointment, visit our website and book a slot now online for shaving, skin care, and more.