Maybe you landed on our website because you’re interested in getting a haircut or having your beard trimmed.

Have you ever considered getting a facial?

We’ve found that when guys get their first facial, they tend to come back again and again, because they realize how amazing and beneficial a facial can be.

The hurdle usually involves getting them to opt for their first facial.

For whatever reason, there used to be a stigma around men truly taking care of their appearance, but that stigma has all but faded away.

At MenSalon in Rochester, MN, we dedicate our business to creating a space where men will feel comfortable treating themselves and receiving the care they deserve.

 If you’ve never had a facial before, here are three reasons you should consider trying one:

  • You’ll get a smoother shave – Shaving can often lead to irritation and razor burn, which makes for a shave that’s anything but a “smooth ride.” Facials help sooth and rejuvenate your skin, making shaving in the future effortless and pain free
  • You’ll get skin care suited to your needs – All faces aren’t created equal. Our facials will address any challenges you’re having with your skin, and we’ll provide custom care to make sure your face looks its best
  • You’ll learn how to take care of your skin – When you come in to get a facial, you can also learn how to take care of your face at home and use the best products. You’ll always come in for a revitalizing facial from time to time, but just knowing the level of skin care that’s available will inspire you to take care of your skin that much better

Imagine yourself walking out of our salon with a certain glow about you. A facial makes you feel better by giving you the confidence in knowing the world gets to see you as you truly are – a dashing man with an outside appearance that represents his boldness inside.

Give it chance! Pick up the phone and call (507) 288-1836, or make an appointment online!