Spending a little time pampering yourself may seem like a luxury that you can’t afford in your busy day to day life, but the benefits of some forms of self-care significantly outweigh the detriments of an occasional time commitment. At MenSalon, we believe YOU are worth it.  Many women have understood the importance of self-care including caring for their skin (which is the largest organ of the human body).  We can help care, pamper and educate you about how important and easy this can be.   For Rochester, MN, area men looking to maintain a youthful look and cultivate healthy skin, a facial with the skin care professionals at MenSalon is exactly what you’re looking for.


Skin care is one aspect of good personal health that’s largely universal for all genders, ages and cultures. Though different hormones, age, genetics and environmental factors may be at play, there are some things that are ubiquitous regardless of your gender, background, or level of daily self-care. Namely, that different skin types need different levels of attention, and for many men, a bit of water, a bar of soap and maybe some aftershave just doesn’t cut it. Skin issues may manifest as dryness, redness, blemishes, or break-outs, and whether you’re bearded or clean shaven, this can lead to daily discomfort as well as simply not feeling like you look your very best. Adding an occasional facial to your personal care routine can alleviate these symptoms and beyond. In addition, adding a male grooming specialist dedicated to providing your personalized service while providing you with professional expertise and education to help your skin self-care at home become more efficient and effective is just a bonus.


Facials aren’t just lotion on your cheeks and cucumbers on your eyes like you see in the movies. A professional facial includes in-depth skin analysis, cleansing and care. This professional process provides individualized attention to those dry, oily, or problem areas you may have and recommendations you can incorporate into your daily cleaning rituals. Facials for men take facial hair into account as well and can even include special oil and attention for your beard. A professional facial is comprehensive, soothing, and restorative.


The benefits of facials for men aren’t simply about looks. Keeping your skin clean and maintained also impacts your personal comfort and overall physical health. Living with dry or oily skin can encourage scratching which introduces bacteria into those areas that can increase the frequency or lead to break-outs. Not only are these skin infections irritating, but without treatment or care, they can get worse over time and even lead to skin discoloration and scarring. If you’re interested in looking and feeling your best, a facial is exactly what you’re looking for this fall. If you are looking for a professional male grooming expert that cares about you, MenSalon Male Grooming Specialists will provide that experience.  We are more than a haircut.  We are a retreat for your hair, skin, nails and feet.


Rochester, MN, area men interested in facials for men can contact MenSalon at (507) 288-1836 or by visiting our website. Take control of your skin and schedule your facial with a skin care professional today!