Wet Shaving Supplies

Esquire.com encourages all men to permanently dispense with their disposable razors, forever unplug electric beard mowers, and to embrace shaving with a razor. “Their case is compelling; there are many economic, environmental and functional reasons to use a blade. It’s recyclable, notably less expensive than a three pack of Mega-Extreme Quintuple Blade Beard Eradicator With Aloe, and of course, leaves your face smooth and squeaky, like a dolphin.”

We carry a range of quality wet shaving supplies for you to switch to for a new shaving experience. Safety Razors Available at MenSalon: Butterfly Open & Three Piece.

Butterfly Open
Three Piece
Badger Brushes
Shaving Stands

Tea Tree Haircare

Tea Tree by Paul Mitchell hair products is infused with natural extracts and rejuvenating scents to deliver our clients a whole range of health and beauty benefits.

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Mitch (by Paul Mitchell)

Mitch by Paul Mitchell offers high-performance men’s grooming products that can handle any style situation.

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Bosley Scalp & Hair Care

Bosley Professional Strength is dedicated to giving confidence to both men and women who struggle with fine hair, thinning hair and hair loss, by offering comprehensive hair solutions and superior products.”