Sporting a new hair color may be just the thing your style needs if you’re trying to add a bit of flavor to your regular look. Not all hair color, however, is created equal. Whether you’re aiming to restore a youthful sheen by covering your grey or adding something a bit more vibrant to liven up your style, the hair color professionals at MenSalon can help men in Rochester, MN, find the color that best suits their needs or creative desires.


Choosing to dabble in hair color isn’t necessarily a lifetime commitment. Depending upon the color and intensity you select, a dye may only last four to six weeks before fading out or washing away. This allows a certain level of experimentation that some types of style modification do not. Plus, once you find a look that really suits you, more permanent dyes can easily be employed. Thanks to this level of flexibility, men interested in branching out or dipping a toe into hair color can do so without worrying about eternal consequences.


Hair color also doesn’t need to break the bank, but it’s important to remember that selecting a high-quality product does make a significant difference. Some colored hair products and dyes are hard on skin and hair, and if used improperly can lead to scalp irritation, patchy results, or even hair loss. If you’re trying an unfamiliar hair product, be sure to do a skin test and a patch test to see how you react. Or better yet, rely on a hair color professional for application.


Our hair color professionals can ensure your dye job is even and properly applied plus provide you with great hair products that will keep your color consistent long after the initial dye job is done. Using the wrong cleanser after a dye job can rinse away all of that hard work, and for some bright colors may even change the look of the final hue completely. Hair color upkeep is largely free of tedium, but with the proper hair products in hand you can make the process effortless.


Men interested in expanding their hairstyle choices can contact MenSalon at (507) 288-1836 or check out our services in Rochester, MN. Try a new hair color on for size today – maybe you’ll find it’s the look you’ve been searching for all along!