Our nails do more work than most people realize on a day-to-day basis. Everything from peeling labels to turning pages is made simpler thanks to these tough little tools. But without a bit of care, your nails can go from convenient to troublesome in no time flat. Men in Rochester, MN, looking to restore and regain some power in their nails need look no farther than MenSalon. Our nail care services refresh and treat damaged and healthy nails alike.

Nail Services

When it comes to our nail services, maintaining healthy nails is always a priority. We know that aesthetics and personal preference all come into play, and our nail care professionals work hard to make sure that you leave MenSalon with your nails in the best condition possible. This means addressing problem spots such as damaged nails, irritation, and beyond. For men who work with their hands, they tend to need sore spots smoothed as well as be offered simple care tips that will keep their fingertips working as intended.

Nail Care Professionals

Once we address any physical damage to your nails, our nail care professionals can then provide aesthetic care with shaping, coloring, strengthening routines, or any other feature that you’re looking to sport on your hands. For men with straightforward needs, they may simply need some careful trimming and shaping, leaving their nails looking smooth and chic while simultaneously preventing cracks and jagged edges. At MenSalon, our ultimate goal is to leave your hands feeling soft and strong while still looking their best. All of our nail care services are tailored to your hand’s specific needs and your personal style.

If you’re interested in treatment beyond your hands, our nail care experts also provide pedicure service options as well. Our pedicure nail services are conducted with just as much care and precision as our manicure options, leaving your feet and toenails comfortable and healthy for the long haul. Even if you tend to overlook the aesthetics of your feet, we will provide health-first treatments and care that will leave them looking and feeling as good as they can be.

If you’re a man struggling with nail care or just looking for some TLC in Rochester, MN, contact MenSalon for more information on our comprehensive nail services. You can reach out by calling (507) 288-1836 or visit our website here for additional details on our salon services and spa package options.