Waxing isn’t always a top priority for Rochester, MN area men creating a grooming routine. This may in part be due to the large amount of misinformation that surrounds professional waxing, but for many men, it just doesn’t occur to them. At MenSalon, we offer men’s waxing services for men with regular waxing routines as well as men looking to try something new.

Why Wax?

Back, chest, and other body and face waxing can be done for aesthetic preferences, athletic reasons, or simply for comfort. Some men struggle with sensitive skin from razor shaving or other skin conditions, and body hair, while totally natural, can contribute to skin discomfort. But choosing to wax simply because you prefer how your skin looks is just as valid. Professional waxing is a thorough process that will leave you looking neat and tidy.

How Men’s Waxing Works

Professional waxing is a little different from the comical take-home kits that you may have seen in sitcoms. Waxing is the process of putting warmed wax on the surface of the hair and then quickly pulling it away to remove the hair including the root. Unlike razor shaving that leaves the root of the hair intact, professional waxing will leave your skin smooth longer as the hair takes more time to grow back.

What to Wax?

Waxing is a great option for chest and back hair, but it can also be done on a smaller scale as well. Nose waxing, ear waxing, and detail waxing for facial hair are all options. There’s no right or wrong way to wear your hair, but if you’re not happy with your current look or you’ve been experiencing any sort of discomfort, men’s waxing may be a great grooming option!

If you’re looking for professional waxing services, our men’s waxing experts can help. Rochester, MN area men can contact us at (507) 288-1836 or book online today for more information.