Start the New Year in a new way, with a professional men’s manicure at MenSalon in Rochester, MN. Maybe you’ve never had a real manicure before. All these years you’ve been a do-it-yourself kind of guy. And that’s okay, but if you really want to look your best, why not be consistent about your appearance? You probably trust a professional for your haircuts because they can do a much better job than you if you had tried to cut your own hair. The same goes for your nails. They look great when trimmed and shaped by a professional. And at MenSalon in Rochester, we have the best hand and foot detailing specialists who will leave you looking and feeling great.

There’s another reason for paying attention to your hands; more and more men in Rochester, MN, are working in the public arena. Whether it’s the health care profession, science and technology, law, or business, it’s likely you come into contact with clients or customers every day. Your hands are the second thing that most people notice after they meet you. You are shaking hands with them or typing in front of them or gesturing as you talk. Your hands are tools of your trade, helping you work and communicate. Why wouldn’t you want them to look as professional as the rest of you? That’s where MenSalon can help. We offer both an express manicure and an executive manicure that you can schedule online or by giving us a call. You can even schedule a manicure in the same visit as your next haircut.

And while you’re at it, what about your feet? MenSalon does expert men’s pedicures as well, also in express or executive versions. Whether you go swimming or participate regularly in sports, it’s important that your toenails don’t hurt your feet or make you feel embarrassed in the locker room. Bad toenails can also hurt your gait and impair your movement in team sports. If you’re compensating for toenail pain, you’re probably not walking properly, either. Let MenSalon make sure your feet are properly detailed and comfortable no matter what shoes you wear.

Start your New Year’s off on the right foot. For the most professional men’s manicures and pedicures in town, call MenSalon today for an appointment at (507) 288-1836.