If you’re an outdoor enthusiast in Rochester, MN, you understand that gardening, landscaping, and manual labor can take a toll on your hands and nails. What may not be so immediately obvious is that untrimmed, unmanicured nails can pose a bigger threat to your hands than nails that have been treated to some real, luxury nail care. To prevent unexpected discomfort, MenSalon offers comprehensive manicure options for men in Rochester, MN who don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty.

Proper Hand Care for Outdoor Activities

Believe it or not, proper hand care is extremely important when it comes to outdoor work, and keeping your nails clean and trimmed is about more than simple appearances. Neglecting basic nail care allows dirt and grime to build up under your nails, potentially causing infections or inflammation. A single infected or impacted nail bed can quickly become painful and, without treatment, limit the use of your hand. Whether you’re outdoorsy for work or for fun, losing out on hand mobility can be a major limitation.


Even if you avoid any actual infections, you can still run into hand issues by forgoing regular nail care. Long nails can break or chip, which may lead to hangnails, bruising, or interior damage. And without regular moisturizing, nails can become brittle and crack, even without a sudden impact. Exposure to the elements can increase this risk by causing your skin to dry out, which can lead to more cracking and other damage.

Wearing Gloves

While it’s possible to protect your hands and nails from damage with gloves when gardening or doing other outdoor activities, gloves can limit your range of motion or prevent fine motor work. By keeping your nails healthy and strong, you can improve the versatility of your hands and prevent fragility or breakages at inconvenient moments. Some men may just want to trim their nails and be done with it, but for more thorough and lasting care, a manicure is the best option.

The Benefits of a Professional Manicure

Manicures can help keep your nails healthy and strong. Our professional manicurists at MenSalon can help shape your nails, remove dead skin, moisturize, and even apply a protective coat of polish where applicable. The manicure process is not only a great way to ensure that your nails stay tough, but it’s also an excellent way to unwind after a long, busy week.

If you’re committed to a life outdoors and want to ensure that your hands can handle whatever the world throws at them, prioritizing nail care is a great way to mitigate potential damage. MenSalon has the tools and trained staff to give you a manicure that will make your nails look their very best for any occasion. Rochester, MN area men can contact us today at (507) 288-1836 or make an online appointment at our website.