Winter in Rochester, MN, is notorious for being rough on skin and hair, especially if you tend to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. This goes double for delicate parts of your skin such as hands and nails, which might get more exposure than other parts of your body. Get a fresh start and schedule a manicure, our Executive Hand Details, with MenSalon today to treat your hands and nails to a bit of post-winter care!

If you ended up neglecting your hands this winter, you may be starting the spring and summer with a bit of a rough canvas. Rough hands and nails can leave you with irritated skin, cracking nails, chips, peeling, and beyond. Unless you have a hand and nail care routine that you trust to get your hands back on track and comfortable, relying on the talented stylists who are also manicure technicians with MenSalon may just save you a lot of time and energy.

Our manicures are catered to your individual hands and nails. If you’re simply looking for a basic nail cleanup that removes jagged edges and restores moisture, we can help! Our nail care involves a moisture-oriented process that helps your hands and nails reclaim necessary moisture and repair tears and irritation. For men who work with their hands, this is a great way to address glaring issues and restore hand and nail health quickly.

However, if you’re interested in starting your spring and summer with a bit more flair, we also offer creative manicure options as well. This can involve nail shaping, color, or other design choices that express your personal style. Even if you have a nail care routine of your own, our manicures can add some polish and fun to your daily nail aesthetics that leave you feeling confident.

Minnesota winters can do a number on energy levels and mental health, so regardless of the manicure type you’re looking for, our nail care professionals prioritize your comfort and give you a chance to de-stress and take a bit of time for yourself. Manicures are great for your hands and nails, but they’re also the perfect opportunity to step back from your busy week and have some time to breathe.

Shake off the last of winter stress and get ready for the warmer summer months with a bit of self-care and schedule an Executive Hand Detail with MenSalon today. Rochester, MN, area men can reach out by calling (507) 288-1836 or visiting our website here for additional information.