Summer in Minnesota comes with a particular brand of incredible humidity, scorching hot days, and then a harsh drop back into the dry and cooler world of autumn. Like most of the seasons around Rochester, MN, this process can be more than a little confusing for your skin. Men in Minnesota need to establish and maintain a regular routine of skin care to ensure that seasonal troubles don’t become chronic. At MenSalon, we offer skin care consulting, spa services to soothe skin irritation, and product support for hands, feet, and body.

Skin Type

While every skin type and skin concern doesn’t have a universal fix, you can take some steps to ensure that you’re treating your skin correctly in general. Cleaning and moisturizing your skin regularly is an excellent starting point, and some extra efforts, like choosing what type of fabric to wear against sensitive skin in high heat or bringing extra water when you’re outdoors, can do wonders. But sometimes your normal routine might not be enough when the weather outside gets intense. New issues can arise seasonally or even day to day when weather begins to fluctuate, and learning how to adapt and address these new issues is essential if you want healthy skin year-round.

Skin Concerns

Identifying what sort of skin concerns you’re dealing with is the logical starting point when you’re struggling with seasonal skin care. Has the summer sun left your skin burned and peeling? Is an excess of moisture leading to rubbing and rashes? Or is a day of sweating followed by sudden dryness leading to breakouts? Once you identify a problem area and problem type, narrowing down how to address it becomes much simpler. You may need to increase your sunscreen re-applications or ensure that you’re not touching your face, scalp, or neck when you’re sweaty. You can also change your bedding more frequently in hot weather to prevent breakouts. Of course, the steps will vary depending on your individual concerns.

Heat-Wave Skin

If you’re struggling with heat-wave skin care or are concerned about what the transition to fall will do to your skin, MenSalon can help. Our salon professionals can provide insight, hands-on care, and comprehensive spa services to help rejuvenate your skin. Our services are individually catered and can help give stressed-out skin a much needed reset in severe weather. Whether you’re in need of a new product regimen or just a break from the sun, our salon professionals are here to help.

Rochester, MN, area men with seasonal skin concerns can book a spa day, facial, or hands-on hand and foot care appointment with MenSalon by calling (507) 288-1836 or by visiting our website here. Our spa service technicians can help your skin chill out in the summer or rejuvenate in the fall—whatever you need, we’re on deck and waiting for your call. Contact us today for more information on our seasonal and year-round skin care services.