An important hair lesson to learn in life is that taking a bit of time every day to ensure that your scalp and hair are healthy and happy can help minimize discomfort and frustration down the line. This may be as simple as running your hands through your hair after a shower or rubbing your scalp to check for dryness. And for busy men in Rochester, MN, learning how to identify some common signs of hair stress can help you keep your hair looking great with minimal effort. At MenSalon, our hair care experts can help you maintain hair health for the long haul, and all you have to do is bring your hair concerns to our door.

Hair Health

Cultivating hair health isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits all process. Depending on your genetics, hair type, hair styling, and age, hair care may look a little different for you as compared to someone else. But there are a handful of universal warning signs that you can watch for if you’re concerned that your hair might be struggling. Some indicators that your hair might need a little extra support include frequent tangling, brittle strands, excessive static, or something as simple as a dull sheen. Even though everyone’s hair is individualized, if you’re chronically experiencing any of these general issues, your hair could be in need of a bit of intervention.

Testing Your Hair Health

If you’re interested in testing the health of your hair, you can perform a few simple tests to see how it holds up under scrutiny. Pull on a strand of your hair and determine if it has some flexibility and give, which it needs. Immediate hair breakage could be an indicator of dryness or damage. Next, run your hands through your hair and shake your hands to assess loose hair and tangles. Significant shedding or excessive tangling can both indicate a need for a hair routine change. And finally, run your fingers against your scalp. If it’s irritated or flaky, you could be lacking in hydration.

Hair Care

Keeping your hair healthy doesn’t have to be a complex process, but it does take a bit of time and attention. You may want to try some new products, change your shower temperature, or even introduce some new foods into your diet. But you don’t have to figure it out on your own! Relying on the expert support of hair care professionals can help you diagnose hair health issues or even create a new routine. And MenSalon has just the hair care team you need to help your hair flourish.

If you have hair health concerns or are just looking for some comprehensive men’s hair care in Rochester, MN, you can contact MenSalon today to make an appointment. Call at (507) 288-1836 or visit our website here for more information on how to take your hair care into your own hands today.