Spring is the perfect time to try out a fresh new hair color, but what if you’re hoping to keep that color looking vibrant until summer or even fall? MenSalon in Rochester, MN offers professional hair color services for local area men. Our team can help you master the care, support, and tricks you need to keep your color bright from season to season.

Bright or Natural Hair Color

Hair color is, like most aspects of fashion and personal style, a preference. Some men are interested in restoring their original hair color after they start to gray, while others are looking to make a change or even a splash. Whether you’re going for a tasteful brown or a bold red, our hair care experts can help you with the dyeing process and the immediate aftercare. Depending on how quickly your hair grows and your home care methods, your mileage with hair dye may vary.

Hair Care for Every Shade

Like most aspects of hair care, one routine may not fit all. Your hair type and the type of dye used will impact what type of care has the best results for you. However, there are some universal care methods that tend to extend the life of hair color. Color-safe shampoos and conditioners, cool water washing and rinses, and leave-in products are just some of your options. Temporary dyes will, of course, wash out first, but even non-permanent dye options can stick around if you treat them right.

Since there are so many variables involved with hair color care, it’s important to rely on the experts at your disposal. MenSalon’s hair care professionals can help you make a plan that keeps your colors looking their best. Following your dye appointment, be sure to ask about upkeep and product recommendations so we can send you home with a color care strategy.

Even if your dye job is looking a little faded, we can still help you figure out how to keep it looking even and natural. Our hair care experts can assist with re-dying, highlights, blending, root touch-ups, and more.

Rochester, MN area men looking to color their hair or boost their current dye job can reach out to MenSalon at (507) 288-1836 or on our website. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment today and add a bit of color to your life.