Winter can be a dull time in Rochester, MN. Not in terms of activities, of course, as there are always things to do in the great outdoors, but rather because at this point in the year we’re in the sad-gray snow phase, more so than the fun, fluffy start of the season. The holiday lights have come down, the salt is out, and we still have a way to go before leaves and grass make their return in the spring. In the meantime, MenSalon is proud to offer hair color services to men looking to add a little variety to their lives for the New Year.

A New Hair Color to Define a New You!

Changing up your hair color is a great way to get out of a style rut or mark the beginning of a new phase in your life. Experimenting with your look by changing up hair color through highlights, lowlights or blending out those grays can be an excellent method of expressing that new style without breaking the bank, but enlisting the help of a professional is the best option for a safe and consistent change. Depending on the look you want, a single afternoon can have you walking out of our salon as a new man.

Our Professional Services Will Meet and Exceed Your Expectations!

Our hair color services can provide gray blending, natural hues for a subtle but refreshing new look, or bright vibrant colors that will bolster your spirits until we reach the big melt. No matter what kind of look you’re aiming for, we have the tools and tricks you need to make it a reality. We also provide beard and brow blending to complete the package, and we can recommend the products you need to keep your new look in good shape until you’re ready for your next transformation.

To go with that new hair color, we are also offering discounts on facial products and services as well as on our exclusive MenEssentials hair styling products through the end of February 2024.

Rochester, MN area men looking for a new look this New Year can contact us today at (507) 288-1836 or visit our website to make an appointment. Our hair color experts handle everything from color changes to hair dyeing touch-ups and will work with you to create a hair look that perfectly captures your personality, signature aesthetics, or just restores your daily comfort. Stop by and start your hair dye journey with us today.