There’s no wrong time to change your image, but during spring, MenSalon offers fresh men’s haircuts for Rochester, MN, area men who want to shake off the remnants of a long winter. If you’re searching for a new look or need a bit of hair care rescue, our stylists are standing by and waiting for your call.


It’s pretty common to want a new look after winter ends, and this is especially true for folks living in harsh climates like Minnesota. Shaking off the last bits of winter can sometimes mean getting a big chop or shaving a new undercut to stay cool. Sometimes it might even entail a total transformation and color. But no matter your motivations, getting a men’s haircut is a great way to spruce up your looks and give damaged hair a chance to recover.


Winter can do a number on healthy hair even if you didn’t get out much this year. Dry air and minimal sun can lead to itchy scalps and weak follicles that are irritating to live with, let alone style. And for the outdoorsy types, wool and cotton caps that were worn during winter may lead to irritation or constant static. Altogether, it’s a bit of a hair care nightmare. Springtime is a great opportunity to reintroduce some moisture into your routine and make sure that your hair is looking and feeling its best. Plus, if you tend to keep your hair long and are struggling with taming it post-winter, a spring men’s haircut can cut away the dead ends and leave you with some real space to work.


But even if hair care isn’t a major priority for you, spring is still a great time to try something new. Trends in style and fashion tend to correlate to the coming and going of seasons and hair care is no exception. When a new season begins, magazines, fashion blogs, stylists, and influencers all tend to use the opportunity to share new looks and explore the seasonal flavor. For men interested in a fresh look, this means there is practically endless inspiration available online and in print just waiting to be discovered. If you’re interested in experimenting with some popular styles, our stylists are in the loop and always excited to help modernize or customize someone’s aesthetic.


The world of fashion tends to have a lot of unspoken requirements about what you can wear and when, but when it comes to personal comfort and confidence, there aren’t really any rules. Come to MenSalon and embrace your own personal style today! Rochester, MN, area men can make a men’s haircut appointment by calling (507) 288-1836 or visiting our website here to find out more.