Men’s hair care is a process that varies for every single individual, including those in Rochester, MN. Sometimes you find something that works for you for years and so you stick with it, but sometimes you need to experiment with men’s hair products or routines over and over until you find a combination that feels right. MenSalon is proud to offer hair styling techniques and men’s hair products that can help you explore what your hair and scalp need to thrive.


An easy way to tip your toe into the world of men’s hair care is to look inward and consider what, if anything, your hair is currently lacking. If you find yourself contending with dry, itchy, or flaky skin, perhaps additional conditioning may be something to look into. Or, if you struggle with getting your hair to behave, a styling clay or putty could be the perfect solution. Once you have a few ideas in mind, you can start exploring actual men’s hair product options.


The terminology of men’s hair care can feel overwhelming if you’re not familiar with it, and that can make selecting a new product or hair style unexpectedly stressful. If you’re not comfortable judging how much “hold” your product needs, whether or not you’re looking to increase or improve your hair’s shine, or whether you simply need a sensitive skin product versus a regular strength option, you should remember that there’s no harm in experimentation. However, it’s always a good idea to try one new product at a time to decrease the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions. Plus, you can more easily determine whether you like a certain product if you don’t have to guess which of the four you used actually did the trick.


If you’re still not sure where to start, you can discuss your options with a men’s hair care professional who can help lessen your confusion as well as give you direction for your styling journey.  Whether you’re stuck at home and looking to try something new, or have a certain style in mind, reaching out to MenSalon’s expert stylists for recommendations and application tips is a great way to find a foothold.


MenSalon offers men’s hair products via our online retail options and provides insight on hair product and styling tips on our website. Visit MenSalon online today for information on our men’s hair care recommendations.