As convenient as it would be, hair care for men doesn’t have a perfect universal formula that always leads to success for every single man in the world. However, several simple care tenets can help you find the routine that works best for your needs. The MenSalon’s hair care professionals in Rochester, MN, recommend following these universal rules to keep your hair and scalp looking and feeling as good as possible.


Stay hydrated and stay in tune with your skin.

A healthy scalp means healthier hair. If you’re finding yourself struggling with dry patches, irritation, or breakouts, re-evaluate how you’re treating your head. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day and regularly washing your pillow cases can help reduce irritation, minimize build up, and keep your locks hydrated.


Try different products.

Everyone’s hair is individual. For some men, waxes, pomades, serums, and oils feels excessive and heavy for everyday styling, while for others, hair care feels impossible without these materials. Depending on the style you desire and your own personal lifestyle, you may not land on a perfect hair care routine for some time. Consulting with hair care professionals can help you know where to begin, including what shampoo and conditioner is best for your hair and scalp.


Get regular trims.

Whether you keep your hair long or closely cropped, trims are essential for maintaining the health of your hair. When left unattended for too long, hair strands can become weak and split, break, or frizz at the ends. Without attention, these small damages can move up the hair strand and lead to comprehensive hair damage. Along with keeping your hair looking its best, trimming the ends and performing regular upkeep can also prevent snarls and knotting.


If you’re struggling with keeping your hair happy and healthy, the hair care professionals at MenSalon are here to help. Rochester, MN, residents can reach out for consultations or to schedule an appointment online or by calling (507) 288-1836. Hair care doesn’t have to take up much time, and the better you treat it, the easier it becomes. Call today for more information!