The magic of living in Minnesota is that the condition of one’s hair and scalp will almost always reflect the weather. In the spring and summer, many Minnesota men contend with heat damage and sweat irritation, but in the fall and winter, they are more likely to run into major dryness, breakage, and dry hair. The varied climate of Rochester, MN, is truly the gift that doesn’t stop giving. The good news is that no matter what hair concerns you’re struggling with, the hair care professionals at MenSalon can help you out year-round. Now that fall and winter are at our door, understanding how to contend with dry and fragile hair is a great way to prepare for the months to come.

How Dry Hair Can Present

Dry hair may present differently depending on your style, your hair type, or even your age. Some hair types struggle more with tangling, split ends, dullness, and breaks, while other types simply have to fight off static for a few months. But regardless of how it manifests, treating dry hair can help you reduce daily irritation and keep your hair looking its best.

Daily Conditioner

Dry hair can be treated using a variety of simple changes in your routine. Ensuring that you have a suitable daily conditioner is a great starting point, but if you’re still running into hair care issues like the ones just listed, sometimes a little more effort will be necessary. Beards and hair that just can’t seem to retain moisture on conditioner alone could be in need of oils, leave-ins, or a day at the spa and a hair mask. Figuring out what works best for you can take a bit of trial and error, or a quick consultation with a hair care expert.

Salon Professionals

At MenSalon, we provide hands-on hair care and dry hair relief that is specifically suited to your hair type and needs. All of our salon professionals can help you determine whether it’s time to explore new products or make a change in your routine to meet the dryness head-on. For everything from short-term relief to long-term solutions, our hair care team is available to help.

If you’re a man struggling with dry hair in the Rochester, MN, area, MenSalon has the answers you’re looking for. Reach out and make an appointment by calling (507) 288-1836 or visit our website here for more information on our extended hair care and spa services. If you’re tired of an itchy scalp and fragile follicles, reach out and make your appointment today!