Skin care is a little different for every single individual in Rochester, MN. While some can get by with a little splash of water every morning, others find themselves continually searching for a routine that keeps their skin healthy and comfortable day in and day out.


MenSalon is proud to offer skin-rescue facials and products that are beard and skin friendly for all skin types and skin concerns. With the right products, techniques, and care, men across Minnesota can feel comfortable in their own skin.


A common skin concern for men in Minnesota is some form of dry skin. It may be beneath your beard, on your forehead, in patches on your cheeks, or seemingly present without any rhyme, reason, or season. Dryness can be irritating, unsightly, or just uncomfortable, and with improper skin care, it can worsen all too quickly. Staying hydrated can perform wonders, but sometimes you need something a little more in-depth. For men with beards or facial hair, introducing beard oil into their routine may help alleviate the worst of these symptoms.


Similar to dryness, breakouts and blemishes are avoidable by following some basic skin care rules: don’t touch your face, be sure to wash and moisturize regularly, don’t touch your face, wash your bedding frequently, and perhaps most importantly, don’t touch your face. However, even men who are experts at keeping their faces and pillow cases clean may find themselves struggling with acne or stress-related breakouts. Lowering stress levels and spending some time for yourself is a great way to lower tension for your life and your skin. In some cases, a soothing facial may be all you need to start fighting back.


If you’re lucky enough to be blemish-free and fully hydrated, you still may find yourself contending with the familiar year-round skin concern of razor burn. Razor burn can be caused by dull blades, sensitive skin, or an unlucky twist of the wrist. Regardless of how it appears, it can be a thorn in your side (or on your face) until it finally fades. Introducing professional waxing as a facial grooming option can help reduce bumps and keep your brows, sideburns, and beyond perfectly sculpted.


Skin concerns are largely individual experiences, but there are some common prevention techniques that all skin-conscious men should be familiar with. Be sure to drink plenty of water, avoid touching your face, and consult skin care experts when trouble occurs.


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