As much as a basic drugstore safety razor can get the job done, doing a precise shave the professional way takes a bit more work. A professional shave requires three key things: an aesthetic vision, skilled hands, and the right kind of razor. At MenSalon in Rochester, MN, we offer all three along with an experience that will have you appreciating the range of razors that exist in the wide world of shaving.

Shaving Tools

Picking the right razor and blade can be a bit daunting. When people think of salon shaving, they often picture a basic straight razor. Simple and to the point, these razors are impressive in the right hands. But they also come with a learning curve. Along with cuts and nicks, it can also be tough to nail the angle with these razors. Plus, allowing the blade to dull can increase the difficulty exponentially. Generally, these razors are a bit daunting for men new to the manual shaving process.

Using the Right Razor

Somewhat more familiar are three-piece razors, a timeless choice that has stood the test of time. Assembling and disassembling them is straightforward and allows for blade replacement. With three-piece razors, you have control over the angle and pressure of your shave, allowing for more flexibility than a straight razor.

Different Types of Razors

On the other hand, butterfly razors, also known as twist-to-open or TTO razors, are assembled a little differently. They feature a mechanism that opens the razor head like butterfly wings, facilitating top-down blade replacement. This option is particularly appealing to those seeking a hassle-free shaving routine. These are a good choice for beginners or individuals with limited dexterity, as they eliminate the need to handle individual razor parts.

Knowing Your Shaving Needs

Choosing a razor for home use largely depends on your personal preferences and shaving needs. Every type has a learning curve and will take some trial and error to perfect. But instead of putting your delicate skin at risk by experimenting on your own, the shaving professionals at MenSalon can help you decide what method and type best suit your face.

If you’re interested in experimenting with new shaving techniques, make an appointment for a classic shave with our experts at MenSalon to see what works best for you! Rochester, MN residents can contact us today at (507) 288-1836 or visit our website to make an appointment online today.