3 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Hair Stylist in Rochester, MN

You need more than ‘just a haircut’ from time to time. You need a dedicated hair stylist and her team of Male Grooming Specialists to keep your look fresh all year round. Today, we’re going to explain some of the many benefits of working with MenSalon LLC long-term.

  1. Relationship – Mostly, you should know we really care about you as an individual. When you work with a dedicated hair stylist, you’re not just receiving a service – your building a relationship with someone who understands your personality, style, and needs. Each time you visit MenSalon LLC, you’ll add another element of nuance to your look. We can suggest new styles, coloring, waxing, and a variety of other techniques to match your appearance to the evolution of your growth as a person. These appointment notes are kept in your MenSalon Client Profile and available to our entire team of Male Grooming Specialists. If this sounds too deep, consider the fact that your appearance can often reflect who you are to others. You notice when someone comes across as a professional person with taste, and the definitions of professionalism and taste evolve over time, just like you do. Work with us and each hairstyle we provide will act as a snapshot of the smart and savvy Rochester, MN man you are.
  2. Convenience – Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a dedicated professional hair stylist available to you on a regular basis? Having ‘your own stylist’ isn’t reserved for Hollywood stars. You can have one on your terms and with easy scheduling. Just check our online booking service or call in and our friendly front desk associate can schedule your appointment with you, pre-book your next appointment after your service, or set up a standing appointment that allows you to get your service on a regular schedule on a specific day/date/time that works for you and let us take care of the rest. From time to time your personal dedicated stylist may be ill, go on vacation, or have an emergency that interferes with your appointment. Because our team has a long history together and we take detailed notes on your services, any one of our Male Grooming Specialists can step in and provide your service in those circumstances and you can return back to your dedicated stylist at your next appointment, stay with the person that filled in, or try out any one of our exceptional stylist without feeling like you’re “cheating” on anyone.
  3. Expertise – Building on point one, when you have a dedicated hair stylist and a team behind her, you can often come with questions and be provided with professional recommendations for your own personal care at home. You can’t visit a stylist every day, so you’ll want to have the right grooming techniques to maintain your appearance between visits and use the right products to meet your exact needs. Sure, you can do a Google search to keep up on the latest trends, techniques, and products, but nothing beats advice that comes from a real person who’s an expert in their field and has the ability to personalize those on trend looks for you.

Maybe you’ve landed on this page because you’re searching for a hair stylist in the area for a one-time visit. Maybe you’ve been here once or twice. Either way, consider working with us for the long-term because the benefits of that type of relationship are many. We want to earn your return as a loyal MenSalon client. We are here for the long run. We have some families that we serve 4 generations of.

Whether you need a new style for an upcoming date, changes to your look due to the circumstances of your life, or simply a place you can go from time to time to refresh, MenSalon LLC is the place for all your style needs. You are truly welcome at MenSalon.

Why not book an appointment now? Either call us at (507) 288-1836 or use our convenient online booking service.

A Few Reasons Why Hair Care is Important for Professional Men in Rochester, MN

Are you a professional man in Rochester, MN? Consider the following reasons why hair care might be more important than you think.


Imagine you’re in a business meeting with a prospective client. Your office is meticulously groomed. You greet your potential client with a firm handshake and a smile. You’re wearing your best suit.

For some reason, however, the client notices something is a little bit off. They can’t quite put their finger on it, but after leaving the meeting, they can’t shake the slight tinge of unprofessionalism they felt.

It wasn’t the presentation itself. You passed that portion with flying colors. It wasn’t the ambiance of the room. Your office presented a crisp and clean professional atmosphere.

A day or two prior to the meeting, you noticed you needed a haircut, but put it off. Sure, your hair looks a bit bushy for your liking, but you figured it wasn’t a huge deal and you were busy at the time.

Could your hair’s appearance really mean the difference between a sale and your client finding business elsewhere?

Attention to detail matters in professional settings. Otherwise, we’d all go to business meetings in sweatpants. Using hair care to boost your professional appearance isn’t superficial; it’s vital.

Your Inner Feelings

Piggybacking on the idea that appearances matter to those that observe you, also keep in mind that your appearance matters to you. Think about it. When you wear a brand new outfit, you feel more confident, don’t you? You stand up a little straighter, smile a little wider, and exude a little more self-assurance.

Take our example above. Your brand new hairstyle may make your presentation ‘pop’ a little bit more, not because of the presentation itself, rather the air of the presenter.

At MenSalon LLC, our services go above and beyond changing your appearance.

Our services help you reflect the person you know you are on the inside—a smart, savvy, hardworking yet fun-loving Rochester, MN man.


Before your next meeting, event, or week at the office, contact us at (507) -288-1836 to schedule an appointment for hair care services.

3 Reasons to Try Hair Coloring This Fall in Rochester, MN

At MenSalon LLC we have one simple goal for the Rochester, MN, men we work with— to help them look on the outside how they feel on the inside.

We’re always seeking to bring out the confident, intelligent, and savvy person you are.

We can do that with a simple haircut and face grooming. We can also try something new and different like hair coloring. Today we want to share some of the different reasons why hair coloring might be right for you. If you’re interested, please call us to learn more or visit our appointment scheduler.

Hair Coloring for Gray Hair

Some men enjoy their graying look, but not all of us can be George Clooney or Sean Connery. It’s okay to want to bring back some of your youth with hair coloring.

You can opt for a full hair coloring to remove much of the gray in your hair or you can do a light coloring to scale back the gray a bit.

Either way, you’ll have a new look along with some youthful confidence.

Hair Coloring to Change Your Look

We need some change in our lives to keep us excited. On top of buying a new wardrobe for the changing season, why not switch up your style with hair coloring, too?

You can go a few shades darker or lighter. You can also go bold and try something completely new like switching from blonde to black. Why not?

Life is short. If you can’t take a little risk with your hair, what can you take a risk on?

Hair Coloring for Special Occasions

Halloween is around the corner in a few short months. You could try drastic hair coloring to go with your costume this year. Or, perhaps you’re an actor in a local play and want to go above and beyond wearing a wig.

These are just a few examples of many occasions where hair coloring might come into play. Whenever you have an opportunity to have a little fun with your hair, we say why not!

Are you interested in a new look this fall? Do you just need a simple haircut? Are you looking for a relaxing spa treatment?

If you’re a Rochester, MN, man, there’s a service for you at MenSalon LLC. To learn more, please call us at (507) 288-1836 or use our online booking tool.

Consider a New Style for Spring With a Men’s Haircut at MenSalon LLC in Rochester, MN

Spring is finally in full swing. This is a time of year for major changes. The weather goes from below freezing in winter to most days being sunny and breezy in spring.

With the weather change comes new and fun activities to enjoy like hiking, having a barbecue with friends, or enjoying a long walk.

Spring is also a great time to embrace a new look. Your wardrobe changes in spring; why not try a new style with a men’s haircut at MenSalon?

Maybe you visit a barber and get “the usual,” and that’s fine! If you have a certain way you like your hair to look, we’re more than happy to accommodate it.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous we can try a new style of men’s haircut and you can use some of our other services to help give you a new look to go along with the new season!

For example, if you’ve gotten a little gray over the years, you can use our hair coloring services to give yourself a more youthful look. Hair coloring is also great if you’re simply looking to switch. We can color and trim your beard as well!

In fact, our men’s haircuts can go above and beyond the word “typical.”

Get More Than Just Another Men’s Haircut This Spring

You can visit another barber in Rochester, MN, pop in and out to get a quick trim, or you can come to MenSalon and experience our immersive hair and face care process.

Before your haircut, you’ll enjoy a deep shampoo and conditioning to not only help your hair look good, but also revitalize its health.

You’ll then receive a precise neck trim and massage that will help you feel as good as you look.

If you want to take things a step further, you can try a skin exfoliation treatment or facial to give your skin a look that matches your brand new style. If you have acne or sensitive and dry skin, we have treatments to alleviate those as well.

We’re not just a barbershop; our salon dedicates itself to the needs of men in Rochester, MN.

We don’t want you to just come in for a trim. We want you to walk out of our shop feeling like a brand new man.

Don’t you want a look that matches the warm and friendly vibes of spring?

Try our online booking or contact us at (507) 228-1836 to learn more or to schedule an appointment

Men’s Haircuts and Coloring at MenSalon in Rochester, MN

As men mature, men’s hairstyles mature as well. In some cases, that means a more conservative haircut. The same goes for beard and moustache styling. At MenSalon in Rochester, MN, we can advise you on the best hairstyle for your face shape and lifestyle. The more attention you pay to your appearance, the more attention people will pay to you. Our expert stylists are happy to consult with you on your appearance and answer any questions you may have. Our men’s haircuts include a shampoo, refreshing condition, razor neck trim, and a neck massage.

Some men have the extra challenge of a receding hairline or premature graying. These changes shouldn’t necessarily be considered negative. We’ll make sure you look your best by choosing a hairstyle that works with any changes in your appearance. For excellence in hair shaping and styling, MenSalon is the place.

If you decide you’d like to minimize the gray, or get rid of it altogether, our professionally trained colorists can do that for you. It’s perfectly acceptable for men to adjust their hair color. You may want to reinforce the fact that you’re younger than you look and have the energy and drive as well. This visual impression may be important in helping you advance in certain positions at your work. We can do gray blending, create highlights, as well as permanently color all your hair.

We can also adjust your moustache color. You’ll no longer need to use that moustache wax every morning to darken it to match the rest of your hair. No matter what you need in the area of hair coloring or texturizing, MenSalon is your best choice in Rochester, MN, and the surrounding area.

Regardless of your age or the condition of your hair, we can make you feel confident about your appearance, whether in business or social situations. We also offer men’s manicures and pedicures, men’s facials, waxing, and more, plus carry a full line of men’s grooming products. Go online to make an appointment, or call us today at (507) 288-1836. You deserve to look your best!

Men’s Hairstyles for the Holidays at MenSalon

It’s getting to be that time of year again for holiday receptions, office parties, and family gatherings. How does your hair look? We don’t simply mean a haircut, though that may be in order. No, now is a good time to seriously consider a new men’s hairstyle. The end of a year, combined with the holiday season, is an ideal time to turn over a new leaf in your appearance. That’s where MenSalon in Rochester, MN, can be an expert advisor on creating a new look.

If you think you want to make a subtle statement that you’re turning a corner in your career, or making that transition from school into the business world, this is a great time. If you’re dressing up for special events this season, don’t let your outdated style or unkempt hair overshadow the rest of your appearance. Complete the effect with a new hairstyle that projects what you want people to know about you.

You may want to update your look for that special someone, especially if things are getting serious. Holidays are perfect for special occasions such as meeting relatives for the first time, having dinner with their family, or taking them to your office party. You’ll want to look more than presentable.

If you’re already planning to shift gears in fashion for the season, you don’t want to neglect your personal appearance. You can easily devalue your fashion investment of a new, expensive suit by showing up with a bad haircut, unkempt fingernails, and a scruffy beard. You may be so focused on getting the right clothes you think the usual trim is sufficient. Let MenSalon guide you to the best men’s hairstyle for you. Bring the new suit with you for your appointment and we’ll consult with you on what looks best. In addition to men’s hairstyles we’re also experts at beard trimming. We also stock a wide array of hair products, shaving equipment, and men’s skin care items, plus offer nail care to help you maintain your new look.

Don’t leave anything to chance this holiday season. Let MenSalon in Rochester, MN, help you look your best. Schedule your appointment online, or give us a call at (507) 288-1836 today!