Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your face and chin can add or detract a great deal from your personal appearance. A bad beard cut can leave you feeling like Abraham Lincoln when you were going for Nick Offerman. And even a good cut can leave you wanting more if you aren’t up to date on modern beard style options. Our stylists at MenSalon in Rochester, MN, have the tips, tricks, and tools to help you harness the power of great beard styling.


Part of selecting a beard style that suits you is accenting your face’s best features. This can be done by shaping your beard to frame your face, complement your hairstyle, and even reflect your personality. A good cut should be something that you like aesthetically and that you know you can manage during your daily routine. If you request an intricate beard style, you should definitely learn how to properly maintain it before you head home because a good cut isn’t everything without caring for it.


Beard styling can make or break a great cut, and your styling options are practically endless. The magic of good styling is that there’s no hard and fast rules about how you look when you leave the house. A little wax can curl the ends of a mustache, some beard oil can add luster on the go, and some deft combing can extend and give body to an otherwise tame look. Part of the fun of embracing your beard is taking advantage of all the new styles at your disposal. But it can be tough to know where and how to start.


Our stylists can help you define a look and learn to maintain it with specialty tools and products. Along with providing excellent beard trimming and shaving options, MenSalon also offers beard styling products and on-site professionals who know how to dial your look up to eleven. All of our beard style experts can show you how to keep your look throughout the day, no matter where you work or how you’d like it to be presented.


MenSalon wants to help Rochester, MN, area men put their best faces forward with modern beard styling today. Call to make an appointment or ask about our beard styling products at (507) 288-1836 or find out more at our website!