Beard care during a Minnesota winter is an art as much as it is a science. Rochester, MN men are likely familiar with the process of trying different products, attempting to protect one’s beard with scarves and other covers, or simply giving in and suffering from winter’s dryness and itchy, dry skin until summer’s humidity returns. ButWith some expert beard education and the right tools from MenSalon, however, you can find the combination of care and protection that will keep your beard well-tended and comfortable until spring.

Understanding Your Beard Care

Understanding how your beard retains moisture is a great way to start making your winter care plan. Not all hair types are the same, and different products will interact with the structure of your beard in different ways. Some men prefer beard oil over beard wax, while others lean on creamy leave-in conditioners. Regardless of your go-to, it’s always possible to further narrow down what works best for you through trial and error and, in some cases, the perspective of a trained professional.

Salon Experts

The salon experts at MenSalon provide beard care, trimming, and product suggestions for beards of all types. We incorporate soothing moisturizers and leave-in care products, such as beard waxes or oils, depending upon your preferences or needs, to guarantee that you leave the salon with calm skin and health-boosted hair. For individuals who may not have a care routine of their own nailed down yet, a trip to the salon for comprehensive care can provide a spark of inspiration. After working with our spa professionals, you can start incorporating our techniques into your care practices at home to keep your beard comfortable even longer.


For men who have a firm home routine, spa care for your beard is still an excellent way to give up the reins for a bit and allow yourself time to relax. Our care professionals can provide trimming, color touch-ups, and deep conditioning on top of your regular care. Or, if you’re looking for new beard waxes or oils to try yourself, we can provide recommendations to fit each and every personal routine.

Whether you’re stopping in for a first-time beard appointment or spicing up your regular routine with a spa day, MenSalon welcomes beards of all types. Rochester, MN area men looking to make an appointment can contact us today at (507) 288-1836 or by visiting our website for more information.