Feet tend to take a major beating, and they generally get less TLC and attention than hands when it comes to daily care. Part of this neglect is simple visibility. If you’re someone who works standing all day, your feet will be out of sight and out of mind for a good portion of the day. At MenSalon, we encourage all Rochester, MN, area men to take a little time during their care routines to pay attention to their feet—not only to make them look tidy, but also to enhance their daily comfort on the job and off—with a pedicure.


Pedicures have an undeniable impact on the aesthetics of your feet. This may not register as a daily concern, but having tidy feet can also help you quickly identify potential problems in the event that they arise. Common ailments such as ingrown nails, bunions, or even infection can all be prevented or spotted in early stages with aesthetic pedicure practices. Clipping nails and cuticles alone can make a major difference in how often you run into foot concerns, and paying attention to your feet every day or with spa services gives you opportunities to do health check-ins for your soles.

Daily Foot Comfort

Even if you have no major concerns, daily foot comfort can still be enhanced with targeted spa services as well. Having well-trimmed nails and engaging in regular foot care don’t just prevent issues, but they can also improve circulation and help with the lingering aches and pains of being on your feet. If you decide to make pedicures or spa services a regular thing, you can schedule time to relax your soles, arches, and muscles, and refresh your feet before another long day out in the world.

Regular Pedicare

If you’re looking for a new way to relax, or are interested in incorporating spa services into your salon visits, MenSalon is here to provide for you. Our pedicures are catered to each individual client, and focus on problem areas or any part of your foot that may not be at its best. We can also package other spa services into your appointment and create a customized spa experience for your visit.

Men in Rochester, MN, looking for comprehensive pedicure services can contact us at (507) 288-1836 or visit our website to find out more. Relax, refresh, and bolster your feet with pedicures at MenSalon.